What we do:
LuxItalian provide luxury tours, holiday planning services and private tour guides to help you discover Italy's hidden gems and main attractions. We offer luxury cultural and culinary tour packages exclusively for small groups. The personalised holiday planning and private tour guide services are designed to help you discover Italy your way and experience a holiday tailored to you. Find out more about LuxItalian here.

We focus on providing luxury guided tours in Italy with the option to partake in Italian language lessons. Our cultural tours focus on exploring the rich historical, artistic and architectural treasures of Italy whilst our culinary tours focus on providing a heightened experience for the senses and uncovering Italy through its food and wine.

All our tours reflect the leisurely Italian pace of life, we want our clients to relax, explore and have an enjoyable and memorable trip. Our current tours explore the island of Sicily, for all tour package information please click here.

Cultural Tours:
Our cultural tours are delivered by a highly qualified academic and are centred upon art, architecture and history alongside explaining and highlighting the connection between cultural attractions/sites and Italian literature. These tours are designed to give an enjoyable and enriching adventure. The small group size results in a detailed and comprehensive experience. For further information about our cultural tours please click here. 

Culinary Tours:
Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide and loved by many but many people aren't aware of how vast, differentiated and intricate Italian food truly is. Every region in Italy has an array of native dishes and beverages. Our clients will get the opportunity to partake in food and wine tastings, eat from restaurant menus designed exclusively for them, visit production sites of wine, cheese, oil and pastry and get hands-on in private cooking classes. For more information please click here. 

Holiday Planning and Private Tour Guiding:
We can help you plan your Italian holiday step-by-step. We can create the perfect getaways for solo travelers, couples, families or groups of friends. Choosing us to plan your holidays allows you to experience a vacation tailored specifically to you and all your needs. Whatever interest you may have we can arrange private tours to suit you. Start planning your personalised luxury Italian holiday here