From the stunning coastal scenery of Atlantic Canada to the vast wilderness that fills the central provinces and from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, Canada is extravagant in its diversity. The hardest choice is perhaps not whether to go but where to go as each area is unique and has its own charm.

You can choose to explore the thrilling history of the gold rush in Yukon and other north west territories or immerse yourself into the French influenced culture of Eastern Canada before heading down to see Niagara Falls, now known as the 8th wonder of the world!

Skiing down glaciers, hiking through rugged mountain passes, bear watching from a zip line or just relaxing and taking in some of the most breath-taking and unique scenery in the world – the Rocky Mountains are the perfect draw for adventure junkies or nature lovers.

Vancouver is the gateway to the west and is a truly cosmopolitan city. Tandem bike rides around Stanley park or visiting the ‘brand’ free Granville Island, crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge or catching the Whitecap’s at their local soccer game means Vancouver can entertain even the most varied of families.

Ranches and Wilderness Camps are the perfect place for the more adventurous explorer. Western Canada has bear, wolf, moose, eagle, whale, caribou, sheep – all of which can been seen from the unique wilderness camps that dot the region, various levels of luxury means you can tailor the experience to your desired levels of comfort.

Combine your life as a ranch hand with a little golf, white water rafting, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, windsurfing, championship golf or a city break for the complete Canadian experience.  

 Thames Travel’s Thoughts: Ben is a huge fan, particularly of western Canada and has delighted a number of our clients with well thought out and diverse itineraries. From the bustling metropolitan centre of Vancouver to the untamed wilderness in the Sonora Sound there really is something for everyone. No matter the length of time you are looking at spending in Canada, we can tailor your itinerary to maximise your time and include as many/little experiences as you desire.